Technical Support

We are fixed on fixings and nuts about bolts. What we dont know about fixings things into other things, well.. it’s just not worth knowing!

And on the technical pages, we’ll do our best to pass on that experience. There are loads of guides with all the technical specifications, so you can install with confidence.

If you want to talk any of these things over with us, just give us a call. Everyone here is eager to share their vast experience with anyone who’ll listen!

Maybe a bit too eager to be honest!

Please click on the links below to browse the technical specifications of some of the products we sell.

UK Fixings Compliance statement

Throughbolts ZYP Data sheet

Throughbolts (Stainless Steel) Data Sheet

Drop in Anchors (ZYP & Stainless Steel) Data Sheet

Polyester Resin data sheet

Polyester Resin COSHH sheet

Grey Styrene Free Epoxy Acrylate data sheet

Grey Styrene Free Epoxy Acrylate COSHH sheet

Vinylester Hi Load Resin data sheet

Vinylester Hi Load Resin COSHH sheet

Epoxy Resin data sheet

Epoxy Resin COSHH sheet